Patient centred care and support is at the core of the HIV Support Program. The Program provides for the doctor to negotiate additional support according to the individual needs for each new diagnosis based on the principle that every person newly diagnosed with HIV infection has the right to 5 Key Support Services.
The Key Support Services are:
1.      Appropriate clinical management, including treatment when clinically indicated
2.      Psychosocial support
3.      Counselling on HIV treatment and prevention of transmission to others
4.      Assistance with contact tracing their partners who are at risk of infection
5.      Linkage into relevant specialist and community services that assist in clinical management and maintaining safe behaviours
The Program involves appropriately trained health professionals assisting the diagnosing doctor to provide the Key Support Services to newly diagnosed patients or provide appropriate referral to specialist doctors and consideration of shared-care options as requested by the diagnosing doctor.
Each new HIV diagnosis will prompt an offer of assistance from a local expert in HIV management who can advise on providing the diagnosis, and referrals to specialists and services
An information sheet about the Program is available here.