2014 NSW Health Aboriginal Health Awards

The NSW Government is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and this commitment is further shown by NSW Health hosting the 2014 NSW Aboriginal Health Awards (the Awards).

This year’s NSW Aboriginal Health Awards event will be held on the evening of Thursday 13 November 2014.

Since their inception in 2004, the Awards have evolved in response to state and national policy developments, and reforms to the health system.  The 2014 Awards provides an opportunity for NSW to recognise achievements of our efforts against the NSW Government’s commitment of closing the gap that are reflected in the

  • NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one
  • NSW State Health Plan – Towards 2021
  • NSW Statement of Intent & NSW Aboriginal Health Partnership
  • NSW Aboriginal Health Plan 2013 - 2023

All these initiatives convey a commitment to work together particularly with Aboriginal people to address the service delivery and health disparities evident throughout the health sector between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.

This year, there are 11 Award categories spread over three main groups with six (6) awards in the ‘main’ grouping, two (2) ‘individual’ awards and three (3) awards in the ‘peak’ category as follows:
1. Building Trust Through Partnerships
2. Building Research and Evidence
3. Integrated Planning and Service Delivery
4. Aboriginal Workforce
5. Culturally Safe work environments and health services
6. Performance Monitoring, Management and Accountability


7. The Quiet Achiever Award
8. Gail May

9. NSW Health Secretary’s Award for Aboriginal Health
10. Minister for Health Award
11. Hall of Fame Award

Nominations will open 5 September 2014, and close on 3 October 2014.
  For more information on the Awards and how to nominate, download the Information and Nomination Pack, go to www.health.nsw.gov.au

For any enquiries regarding the Awards, please contact:

Ms Geraldine Wilson

Manager, Health Improvement & Support
Centre for Aboriginal Health
NSW Ministry of Health
Email:   gwils@doh.health.nsw.gov.au
Phone:  9391 9497

Page Updated: Friday 28 November 2014