The majority of smokers would like to quit smoking
More than half of all smokers intend to quit smoking within the next six months and over 80% of smokers have tried at some time in the past to quit smoking.

Call the Quitline

Call the Quitline on 13 7848 (13 QUIT) or access the Quitline via the website
The Quitline is a confidential telephone information and advice service, available throughout Australia. For the cost of a local call (except mobiles), professional telephone advisors provide encouragement and support to help smokers quit. They are friendly, helpful, non-judgmental and are able to assist smokers at whatever stage they may be at in the quitting process.
The Quitline advisors can also provide advice to family and friends of smokers and to health professionals about the best evidence for quitting smoking.

What does the Quitline offer?

A free callback service
  • The callback service is available for smokers who would like ongoing support with their efforts to quit smoking. Up to six follow-up phone calls can be scheduled throughout the most difficult period of quitting at times that suit the quitting smoker best. This popular service can help to keep them motivated and on track and can double their chances of successfully quitting for good.
Help in planning a quit attempt
  • If a smoker wants to quit, a Quitline advisor will ask questions about their smoking in order to assist them to tailor a personal quit plan that suits their needs. An advisor can determine their level of nicotine dependency and look at what strategies are likely to be effective to suit their lifestyle.
Advice on the use of nicotine replacement products
  • Advisors have been trained in health, education or psychology and smoking cessation. They know the health effects of smoking and understand the quitting process and how difficult quitting smoking can be. Quitline can provide advice on appropriate use of nicotine replacement products to help smokers beat the addiction. Proper use of products can often be the key to successfully quitting for good.

Quitline in other Languages

For callers in NSW only: In addition to the English-speaking Quitline (13 7848), there are now seven dedicated lines to assist people who speak the following languages:
Arabic: 1300 7848 03
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin): 1300 7848 36
Italian: 1300 7848 61
Vietnamese: 1300 7848 65
Korean: 1300 7848 23
Greek: 1300 7848 59
Spanish: 1300 7848 25
Contact the Multicultural Health Communication Service for quitting information in other languages.

Resources to help you quit


Resources for health professionals

Health professionals can be very effective in encouraging people to quit smoking.
Combining brief advice with other effective interventions, such as pharmacotherapy, can considerably increase quit smoking success.
The World Health Organization recommends that the involvement of health professionals in offering smokers help should be based on factors such as their access to smokers and level of training and skill, rather than their professional discipline.
Advising and supporting smokers in quitting is an activity for the whole health care system and should be integrated into as many settings as possible, including hospitals and community settings.
We have developed the following documents to assist health professionals provide evidence-based brief advice to clients who smoke, as part of their routine clinical practice.
Page Updated: Wednesday 20 June 2012