Kids Don't Fly

Kids Don't FlyThe NSW campaign, Kids Don’t Fly – prevent falls from windows and balconies, provides information to parents and carers on simple, effective and simple to protect children from falling from windows and balconies.

Falls are the most common cause of injuries in children. Over 8,000 children are admitted to NSW hospitals each year due to a fall. In 2010 across NSW, 34 children were hospitalised after falling from a window and 46 children were hospitalised after falling from a balcony.

Other common injury related hospitalisations are due to being struck by an object, motor vehicle / transport, burns and poisoning. Motor vehicle accidents and drowning cause the highest number of deaths in children each year.

Four Kids Don't Fly publications provide messages for parents and carers on ways to increase window and balcony safety. These publications have been translated into ten languages.

NSW Fair Trading have two videos on window safety devices and how to install them.​​​​​

Page Updated: Tuesday 4 December 2012