Standardisation of care

​The Paediatric Healthcare Team works in partnership with stakeholders across NSW to identify unwarranted variation in care and support the standardisation of clinical practice. This includes working in collaboration with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation to develop models of care and frameworks.

The Standardisation of Care Committee for NSW has been established to identify and address priorities in unwarranted clinical variation in paediatrics. The committee meets four times a year.

​​​​Safety and quality

​The Paediatric Healthcare Team works with the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) in responding to clinical incidents and coronial and ombudsman recommendations. The team also contributes to quality initiatives developed by the Clinical Excellence Commission's Paediatric Quality Program.​​​


DETECT Junior is a multidisciplinary education and training package that has been developed as a part of the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Between the Flags  program. It provides education on the recognition and management of clinical deterioration in paediatric patients.
Page Updated: Wednesday 23 November 2016