At the core of the State Health Plan is a commitment by the NSW Government to make the most productive use of the finite resources available for health care. The NSW health system, like health systems in other Australian states and developed nations, faces a number of significant challenges in the years ahead, among these being the growth and ageing of the population, an increasing prevalence of chronic disease, health workforce shortages, increasing consumer expectations and keeping up with advances in medical, communications and information technology.

The size and level of investment of NSW Health's mental health and drug and alcohol programs require the MHDAO to have a clearly articulated approach to planning, project and program management and evaluation to ensure alignment with National and State Priorities.

The MHDAO has developed a transparent and structured process of planning, monitoring, resource allocation and performance management. The framework builds on the well documented processes within which the MHDAO plans, allocates resources, manages projects/programs, monitors and evaluates the performance of its programs. The framework includes a description of the interactions between and within the MHDAO and other branches of NSW Health.

Page Updated: Friday 2 August 2013