NEPT provides an important service for patients who require transport to, or from, a health facility such as a hospital or rehabilitation unit. Patients must be assessed by a medical practitioner or registered nurse as medically unsuitable for community, public or private transport before being eligible for NEPT.

Only registered NEPT users such as health professionals and staff in hospitals, aged care facilities and private hospitals can make bookings. Patients and carers cannot access the booking system.

Preparing for transport

If you require NEPT, your doctor or health care professional will ensure that the NEPT staff who are transporting you have information about your condition.

They will also be able to advise you and your carer to help prepare required items including your medications, medical information and discharge summary.

There are some important things you and your carer can do to help ensure that your NEPT journey is as comfortable and efficient as possible:

  • Make sure you are ready at least 30 minutes before the pick-up time,
  • Have all required items packed before pick-up, and
  • Inform the NEPT staff of any special conditions when they arrive.

Information about NEPT Fees and Charges

Times for booking

For those patients who are being booked for transfer to home or other care or are post appointment, the pick-up time represents the time the patient should be ready. It does not indicate that the patient will be transported at that time, however every effort​ will be made to be as close to that time as possible.

For patients who are being transported for an appointment the delivery time should reflect the actual appointment time.

Please be advised that delays may occur when there are peaks in demand. The Service will aim to arrive close to schedule but pick up times cannot be guaranteed. To ensure the best use of available transport vehicles, patients who are travelling in a similar direction may be transported together.

Page Updated: Friday 29 May 2015