Applications open on 1 September 2015 and close on 27 November 2015.

  • Are you an Aboriginal person who wants to study nursing or midwifery at university?
  • or, are you an Aboriginal person who is currently studying nursing or midwifery at university?
If you answered 'yes' to one of these, you can apply for support and assistance under the NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program.

What does the Cadetship offer?

  • Study allowance of $600 per fortnight whilst undertaking study.
  • A $500 per semester book allowance.
  • Up to 12 weeks paid employment in your local health facility.
  • Support from an Aboriginal mentor, Cadet Coordinator and additional clinical support.
  • Ongoing employment upon sucessful completion of the program.
If you are interested in a Cadetship, for further information please contact:
Tel: 1800 155 325
If you would like to apply for a Cadetship you will need to submit:
  1. An Indigenous Cadetship Application Form.
  2. A covering letter describing the following:
    • why you want to pursue a career in nursing or midwifery
    • why it is important to have Aboriginal people working as nurses and midwives
    • at which hospital you would like to complete your cadetship
    • a statement of your Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander heritage and the Aboriginal organisations you are a member of.
  3. Your resume
  4. Confirmation of Aboriginality stating that you:
    • are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent
    • identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and
    • are accepted as such in the community where you live.
  5. Evidence of your full-time enrolment in a Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery degree (If you are applying for 2016, please submit your enrolment confirmation when you receive it)
  6. A copy of results (if any) from 2015.

Supply of Documents

Applications can be submitted via email or Australia Post. If applying via mail, it is strongly recommended that you send your supporting documentation by Express Post so that it can be tracked.
Please mail your completed documents to:

NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Strategy
Nursing and Midwifery Office
NSW Ministry of Health
Locked Mail Bag 961
Or alternatively, please email your completed documents to
Page Updated: Friday 11 September 2015