About Nursing Re-Connect

Nursing Re-Connect is a method of assisting and supporting nurses and midwives to re-join the workforce into permanent full time or part time vacant positions. It is not a course or a program to regain registration.

Re-Connect is open for currently registered nurses, midwives and enrolled nurses who are not working in any nursing position or have not been working for more than one year. If you are interested in re-joining the workforce in the NSW public health system, Nursing Re-Connect may be for you.

How Re-Connect Works

Employment is subject to a suitable vacancy being available and applicants meeting the selection criteria of the position. Immunisation, working with children check, criminal record clearance and current nurses/midwives registration will also need to be provided.

Nurses seeking employment through Re-Connect will need to go through the NSW Health recruitment process. Please see the e-Recruit website for current vacancies.

Re-Connect places you in contact with a Local Health District (LHD) so that they may consider you for employment in a NSW public hospital if there is a suitable full time or part time vacant position. The NSW Ministry of Health provides three weeks salary to the employing hospital plus an additional $600 for clinical support for the nurse or midwife. Hospitals are expected to provide additional orientation and support for the nurse or midwife, if necessary, in their initial period of employment.


You must be a currently registered nurse, midwife or an enrolled nurse to apply. If you are not currently registered you will need to contact the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) telephone 1300 419 495.

Mental Health Connect

Mental Health Connect aims to bring nurses into mental health.

The Mental Health Connect complements Nursing Re-Connect and continues to attract nurses who are seeking to start or re-establish a career in mental health.

Nurses eligible to register for Mental Health Connect include nurses who have been out of the nursing workforce (with or without previous mental health experience) and nurses who have been working in other specialties.

Midwifery Connect

Midwifery Connect aims to attract registered midwives back into the midwifery workforce. Midwifery Connect provides four weeks of intensive orientation and one-on-one preceptor support.

Midwifery Connect is not a refresher course. It is a way to employ registered midwives in the NSW Public Sector Midwifery workforce who have not been working in midwifery for more than 12 months.

To be eligible for Midwifery Connect you must be:

  • A registered midwife in NSW currently out of the workforce or
  • A registered midwife in NSW currently working as a nurse and wishing to return to midwifery.

How do I apply?

Please call the Re-Connect toll free number on 1800 330 933. Your details will be recorded and forwarded to your nominated Local Health District for follow-up. You will be contacted by a representative of the LHD which may take up to six weeks.

Page Updated: Tuesday 7 October 2014