Acknowledgement of Country 

The NSW Nursing and Midwifery Office acknowledges the people of the many traditional countries and language groups of New South Wales. It acknowledges the wisdom of Elders both past and present and pays respect to Aboriginal communities of today.

NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Strategy

The NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Strategy was developed as a result of the NSW State Government commitment in 2001 to increase the number of Aboriginal nurses and midwives in rural and remote NSW, and to improve career development opportunities for Aboriginal employees working in the public health system.


The Strategy aims to improve Aboriginal health by providing opportunities for Aboriginal people to gain education and employment opportunities in the field of nursing and midwifery. It also aims to work with the current NSW nursing and midwifery workforce to provide better health services to Aboriginal people through the delivery of culturally safe and competent nursing and midwifery services.

Expected Outcomes

Providing career opportunities for Aboriginal people in the field of nursing and midwifery can make an enormous impact on the health of Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal people need Aboriginal nurses and midwives working in their local hospitals, community health centres and in senior management positions, for health to improve.
A career in nursing or midwifery offers job opportunities, locally, at a regional level and nationally.
The outcomes of the Strategy will ensure that there is a competent and culturally safe workforce to meet the needs of Aboriginal people, so that all Aboriginal people can enjoy a longer, healthier life, free from disease and illness. 



The hand is nurturing and supporting the seed and community. The tree represents the nurses and midwives as they develop personally and professionally in caring for their community, and shows the community growing, as it benefits from the care they are receiving. The tree is sprouting out of the seed, which is the nurses and midwives’ community and cultural identity, which the hand is helping to grow and strengthen.
The word 'dturali' is from the Darug language and means 'to grow'. Aunty Edna Watson (a Darug Elder) provided this word from language she learnt from her mother and grandfather.


NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program

  • Are you an Aboriginal person who wants to study nursing or midwifery at university?
  • OR, are you an Aboriginal person who is currently studying full-time nursing or midwifery at university?
If you answered 'yes' to one of these, you can apply for support and assistance under the NSW Aboriginal Nursing and Midwifery Cadetship Program.

What does the Cadetship offer?

• Study allowance of $600 per fortnight whilst undertaking study.
• A $500 per semester book allowance.
• Up to 12 weeks full-time employment in your local hospital. 
• Support from an Aboriginal mentor, Cadet Coordinator and additional clinical support.
• Ongoing employment upon sucessful completion of the program.

If you are interested in a cadetship, for further information please contact:

Tel: 1800 155 325  |  Email:

If you would like to apply for a Cadetship you will need to submit:

  1. An Indigenous Cadetship Application Form.
  2. A covering letter describing the following:
    • why you want to pursue a career in nursing or midwifery
    • why it is important to have Aboriginal people working as nurses and midwives
    • at which hospital you would like to complete your cadetship
    • a statement of your Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander heritage and the Aboriginal organisations you are a member of.
  3. Your resume
  4. Confirmation of Aboriginality stating that you:
    • are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent
    • identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and
    • are accepted as such in the community where you live.
  5. Evidence of your full-time enrolment in a Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery degree (If you are applying for 2014, please submit your enrolment confirmation when you receive it)
  6. A copy of results (if any) from 2013.

Aboriginal Undergraduate Scholarships

Open 1 September 2014 | Close 25 November 2014

Scholarships up to $1,000 per subject are available to Aboriginal students undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Midwifery degree. Read more >>.

Aboriginal Postgraduate Scholarships

Open 2 December 2014 | Close 4 March 2015

Scholarships up to $15,000 are available for any Aboriginal registered nurses/midwives undertaking postgraduate studies. Read more >>.

Aboriginal Post-Enrolment Scholarships

Open all year round

Scholarships are available for Aboriginal enrolled nurses who are wanting to complete a VETAB accredited course. For more information about scholarships please Read more >>.

Other Scholarships

There are also scholarships available in other areas. Please refer to the scholarships web page for further information.
Page Updated: Wednesday 1 October 2014