• Essentials of Care 
    Program provides nurses and other health professionals with a method to explore and understand current clinical practice and practice environments and to develop ways to further enhance them.
  • Take the Lead 2
    Take the Lead 2 (ttl2) is a customised program designed specifically for Nursing/Midwifery Unit Managers and Nursing/Midwifery Managers who manage clinical unit/s or ward/s.
  • WoW - Ways Of Working Project
    Nurses and midwives today need to support and grow the workforce of the future by ensuring that not only the 'science' but also the 'art' of nursing and midwifery is supported through the way that work is organised.
  • Transition to Specialty Nursing
    Development of transition programs to provide a structure for the development of nursing practice in emergency departme (EDs) or intensive care units (ICUs).
  • Practice Development
    A central introductory point for NSW health professionals to access information and resources relevant to practice development.
  • Models of Care
    The nursing models of care project assists specialist clinicians to examine their practice and to explore and develop innovative models of nursing care delivery. Current projects are being conducted with Haemodialysis and Peri- operative nurses.
  • EN Critical Care Units
    Project to evaluate the potential for a role for enrolled nurses in intensive care units (ICU) in NSW.
  • EN Perioperative Practice program
    Part of the Nursing and Midwifery Office's plan to facilitate enrolled nurses functioning to their full potential within their scope of practice.
  • ICU Best Practice Project
    The ICU Best Practice Project is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Health Nursing and Midwifery Office and the NSW ICCMU (Intensive Care Coordination and Monitoring Unit).
  • Child and Family Health Nursing Professional Practice Framework 2011-2016  
    The Child and Family Health Nursing Professional Practice Framework provides a useful resource to support child and family health nurses in reflecting on their practice and in their ongoing professional development.


Page Updated: Wednesday 8 October 2014