The Office for Health and Medical Research developed a Bioinformatics Collaborative Grant Program for a proof of concept project to test opportunities to link data or exchange knowledge between health care, health systems, population health research, and biological sciences. The project was intended to demonstrate the benefits of data linkage to researchers, health professionals and the public of NSW.

The objectives of the proof of concept grant were to:

  • demonstrate feasibility and enhanced efficiencies and effectiveness in data linkage and exchange using individual medical records, administrative health data, biological (omics) data, population health data, and related datasets (e.g. education, transport)
  • enable the translation (predictive, preventative and treatment) of policy to practice and encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Grant recipients

In 2014, the Bioinformatics Collaborative Grants were awarded to:

  • Professor David Thwaites from the Institute of Medical Physics in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney who will work with two NSW universities, eight clinical centres, four NSW local health districts, a European clinical research institute and the Cancer Institute NSW. The team were awarded $250,000 to link radiotherapy images and clinical data to optimise clinical decisions for lung cancer patients in NSW.
  • Professor Jonathan Morris from the Kolling Institute of Medical Research at the Royal North Shore Hospital, is collaborating with University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, Deakin University, Children's Medical Research Institute and international industry partner, Aridhia. They will be linking data across the health system in a way that is dynamic and provides a view of a patient's journey through the healthcare system. The project was awarded $500,000.
Page Updated: Thursday 23 June 2016