The NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants Program supports researchers as they undertake ground-breaking human genomic medicine research. The grants allow NSW researchers access to whole genome sequencing technology at the Garvan Institute (utilising the HiSeq X Ten) and to engage bioinformatics services.

2017 round

NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants Program: Application Guidelines$2.46 million is being made available for grants in 2017.

This funding round provides researchers the opportunity to undertake genomic research on existing 45 and Up Study specimens (including those where the genome has already been sequenced); on existing biospecimens collected from 45 and Up Study participants as part of another study; or new bio-specimens to be collected from 45 and Up Study participants where specimen collection is funded by another body.

For the 2017 round, funding will only go to those applications that utilise existing bio-specimens from the 45 and Up Study and/or are to be collected from the study cohort (funding for this cannot form part of this application).

The grants will complement existing funded projects or those who have identified other potential sources of project funding. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have secured or anticipate securing funds for the remainder of the research project.

There will be an upper limit of 1,200 sequences per application (may include single or multiple sequencing of a sample).


There are two stages to the application process:

  1. the submission of an application, followed by a suitability review by the Sax Institute and;
  2. an interview and/or written questions for clarification of project details, if necessary.

Please refer to the NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants Program - Application Guidelines when completing your application.

Applicants must submit one electronic copy and/or one signed hard copy.

Hard copy to be sent to:

Dr Antonio Penna, Executive Director
Office for Health and Medical Research (OHMR)
NSW Ministry of Health
LMB 961
North Sydney NSW 2059

Information briefing session

OHMR will be conducting an information briefing session for the 2017 round via teleconference on Wednesday, 14 December 2016 from 2-4pm. If you would like to participate, please email​​​.

Key dates

  • Consultation with the Sax Institute, if additional specimens are required during December/January/February
  • Applications close: 5pm Monday, 6 March 2017. Applications for this round are now closed.
  • Independent Panel assessment: March-April 2017
  • Feasibility review of shortlisted applicants by the Sax Institute: March 2017
  • Announcement of successful applicants: May 2017.

More information

Enquiries may be directed to:

Brett Reed, Principal Policy Officer
Office for Health and Medical Research
Phone: (02) 9391 9362

Rose Sapuppo, Assistant Policy Officer
Office for Health and Medical Research
Phone: (02) 9391 9603

Page Updated: Tuesday 7 March 2017