NSW’s ten-year strategic plan for health and medical research recommended an enhanced role for research hubs that included key roles in fostering translation, innovation and research capacity. The NSW Health and Medical Research Hub Strategy provides a framework for the role and development of these hubs.

Research hubs play an important role in promoting collaboration and coordinating the efforts of geographically proximate medical research institutes, local health districts, universities and community-orientated research in Medicare Locals. Research hub collaboration has shown proven results, with Sydney Health Partners and the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) being recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council as an Advanced Health Research Translational Centreand  Regional Health Partners being recognised as a Centre for Innovation in Regional Health .

The Office for Health and Medical Research will engage with the health and medical research sector through the AHRTC and CIRH Centres and will continue to support the geographical Health and Medical Research Hubs to monitor the progress of each hub against their strategy and objectives.

Page Updated: Monday 27 November 2017