NSW Government`s Response to the NSW Health and Medical Research Strategic Review 2012In 2012, a Health and Medical Research Strategic Taskforce chaired by Mr Peter Wills AC worked with the research community to develop a ten-year strategic plan for NSW.

The plan identified many strengths and advantages that NSW has that support our health and medical research effort and made recommendations on improving the way we manage our current research resources, including supporting greater collaboration between research organisations; having a priority-driven approach to research and innovation; and focussing on translation of research evidence into better patient care and health outcomes.

The Office for Health and Medical Research was established to implement this ten-year strategy through facilitating engagement of stakeholders; assisting with the development of state-wide strategic research priorities; providing a supportive policy framework; administering funding programs that support research infrastructure and innovation; supporting clinical trials and working with pillar organisations, local health districts, primary care providers and the non-government sector in the translation of research into clinical practice, healthy lifestyles and illness prevention.

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Page Updated: Thursday 23 June 2016