The purpose of the NSW Health and Medical Research Exchange was to bring together the rich ecosystem of health and medical research leaders in NSW. Leaders from medical research institutes, health care providers, universities, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, finance, private equity, philanthropy, the NSW public health system and policy makers across government came together to identify opportunities to build on our existing research efforts and cement NSW as a global destination for health and medical research.

There is extraordinary opportunity for NSW to build on our collective achievements and to ensure the research undertaken here is world leading and delivers better value care and health outcomes. By bringing together the best and brightest from a range of disciplines tangible opportunities have been identified that can help set the future policy agenda for health and medical research in NSW.

Key areas discussed were:

  • embedding a culture of collaboration within the health system, across disciplines and with industry
  • using health and medical research to create a culture of continuous improvement and deliver better value care and health outcomes
  • making NSW a global leader in clinical trials
  • creating a high quality and sustainable health and medical research work force



Page Updated: Thursday 10 November 2016