Guides for pharmacists

Guides to legislative requirements for handling drugs, including the supply of drugs of addiction and restricted substances.

Pharmacist Initiation and Administration of Influenza Vaccine

A registered pharmacist may initiate and administer influenza vaccine under his/her own authority to a person aged 18 years or older in a NSW retail pharmacy.

NSW Opioid Treatment Program

The NSW Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) is an opioid pharmacotherapy substitution program for patients with opioid dependence. The OTP seeks to reduce the social, economic and health harm associated with opioid use. The pharmacist plays an important role in the delivering of such service in NSW. 

Recording Pseudoephedrine Sales

From 23 March 2016 it is mandatory for pharmacists to record the details of sales of over-the-counter packs of pseudoephedrine from community pharmacy, in an online, real-time electronic form, at the time of supply. The only electronic form that is approved is Project STOP.

The Ministry of Health has engaged the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) to assist community pharmacies to access Project STOP, and to provide training on its use.

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Dispensing psychostimulants

Dispensing of a prescription for psychostimulant (e.g. dexamfetamine, Concerta®, Ritalin®, Ritalin LA®, Vyvanse®) in NSW is subject to strict legislative rules.  Pharmacists are required to ensure that prescriptions meet legislative requirements prior to the dispensing of the medicine. 

Notifying the loss or theft of drugs or prescriptions

The NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008 requires persons who are authorised to be in possession of a drug of addiction (Schedule 8 substance) or a 'prescribed restricted substance' (Schedule 4 Appendix D substance) to immediately notify the Secretary of NSW Ministry of Health any loss or theft of these drugs.
To report prescription stationery or prescriptions lost, stolen or forged, submit a Notification of Lost, Stolen or Forged Prescription. Reporting means you may help reduce the trafficking of drugs of abuse sourced through fraudulent prescriptions.

Pharmacist-Compounded Schedule 8 Medicines

From 1 August 2016, prior written authority from the Secretary of NSW Health is required to prescribe or compound any unregistered S8 medicine i.e. any product other than a TGA-registered medicine (i.e. those labelled with an AUST R number. Compounding a registered medicine into another form, e.g. from tablets into a mixture, makes it an unregistered medicine.) A pharmacist can compound and dispense such a medicine only on receipt of an original written prescription including the NSW Health authority number issued to the prescriber.

Page Updated: Friday 8 September 2017