2021 Influenza vaccinations

Whilst there was decreased influenza activity in 2020 it is still important to remain vigilant as influenza, continues to circulate in the community albeit in low numbers. If vaccination rates drop, then there is a real risk that infection rates could increase. The COVID-19 public health measures contributed to the low influenza activity, however we may not be subject to the same restrictions this winter. 

Influenza (flu) shots are recommended for residents and staff

  • Flu shots are recommended for all residents annually, as they are the single most important measure for reducing the risk of serious flu for individuals and preventing flu outbreaks. The flu shot will be provided to residents free of cost.

    However, residents do have the right to refuse vaccinations. If a resident is unable to be vaccinated due to refusal or for medical reasons this must be clearly documented and managed appropriately.
  • Flu vaccines are recommended for all staff working in aged care facilities (this includes but is not limited to nurses, kitchen, administration cleaning staff, transport crews as well as any visiting volunteers or agency staff). This has the dual benefit of reducing flu illness in staff members and helping to prevent the spread of flu from staff to vulnerable residents, reducing their risk of serious pneumonia, hospitalisation and death.

Visitors do not need a flu shot to enter

Whilst it is highly recommended that people have an annual flu shot it is not a requirement for visitors to enter a residential aged care facility. 

Visitors will continue to be screened by the facility before entering and excluded if they:

  • have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, even if mild
  • during the last 14 days have been:
    • a close contact of a person confirmed with COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
    • in any of the locations listed in the latest COVID-19 news and updates at the times and dates listed, and need to be tested and self-isolate, except where noted otherwise
    • on any of the public transport routes at the times and dates listed
    • live in a household with a person who is currently self-isolating.

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Current as at: Wednesday 10 March 2021
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