Since 14 May 2022 there has been a global increase in monkeypox cases reported from countries that are not endemic for monkeypox virus, including Australia.

Clinicians alerts

How should clinicians notify and manage suspected cases?

Monkeypox is notifiable to NSW Health by medical practitioners, pathology laboratories and hospital chief executives.

The management of suspected cases depends on the type of clinician:

  • For general practitioners, if monkeypox is suspected, immediately notify the on-call Westmead Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist on 8890 5555 to discuss the case and management.
  • For emergency department clinicians, immediately contact the local ID specialist to discuss the case, testing and management. The ID specialist should immediately contact the on-call Westmead Hospital Infectious Diseases Specialist on 8890 5555 where they suspect monkeypox.
  • Please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 for more information.

General information for the public

Current as at: Thursday 2 June 2022
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