General principles

  • Where suitable outdoor settings are able to be utilised for events and activities, these should be preferenced.
  • Continue to exclude students and staff that have symptoms of COVID-19. In circumstances where children have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms a letter from the GP is sufficient to negate the requirement for a negative test.
  • Support school-based access for NSW Health services including immunisation and dental programs.
  • Have COVID-19 Safety Plans and record keeping procedures in place for school events. NSW Health encourages the use of the Service NSW QR Code system for visitors to school sites.

Singing advice

There should be a distance of 5m between a group of performing singers and the audience, where practicable. There are no recommended limits on singing groups, including for in-class educational activities such as group repetition, chanting, recitation, or singing activities.

Dancing advice

Dancing activities, including dance classes, balls and social events, can proceed, but organisers should select venues with adequate floor space to prevent crowding.

School sports

 School sporting activity requirements, whether indoors or outdoors, should align with those in place for other community sporting competitions and training activities in NSW. Please note that some venues, such as major recreational facilities, may have additional safety requirements. School sporting events held at a major recreation facility may comply with the capacity limit for the venue. To learn more about safety requirements for various businesses and organisations see the NSW Government website.

Parents on school grounds

Parents are able to enter school grounds. They should be encouraged to follow COVID-safe practices, as they would elsewhere in the community.

Face masks

Currently face masks are mandatory on public transport (which includes private transport services such as school buses and taxi services) in Greater Sydney and in airports in NSW, with exemptions in place including for those aged 12 years or under. There is no requirement to wear face masks at schools, but staff and students may do so if they wish. The school community should be assured that NSW Health will ensure that the school and wider community is informed of any new cases in the community that could increase risk.

Other activities

School activities are permitted which includes gatherings of parents and/or community members for school events (such as working bees or P&C meetings). Schools must continue to comply with the gathering limits prescribed by the Public Health Orders.

Current as at: Monday 8 March 2021
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