ClinicNSW Health public hospital emergency departmentNSW Health public COVID-19 clinicAustralian Government
GP respiratory clinic
Private testing collection service
Service providerLocal health district or specialty health networkAustralian GovernmentPrivate pathology providers
How can I attend the clinic?In-person​​In-person o​r drive-through 
Is a booking required?No​Some clinics require a booking. Refer to COVID-​19 clinics for booking details on specific clinics. 
Does the clinic test all ages?Please contact your local clinic before arriving if you are taking your children to be tested.
Look out for these icons 1+ 5+ 6+ 12+ 15+ 16+ in the COVID-19 clinics list to see which clinics have restrictions.
Is a referral required?NoNoNoSome clinics require a referral. Refer to COVID-19 clinics for details on specific clinics.
Is the COVID-19 test free?YesYesYes

Yes. If you visit a GP for a referral, GP charges may apply.

Charges may also apply for COVID-19 testing services for travel clearance.

Do I need a Medicare card?Please bring your Medicare card with you if you have one.
You can still get a free COVID-19 test if you don't present a medicare card.
How long does the test take?Please allow 15 - 30 minutes for the COVID-19 test.
Wait times will differ depending on specific circumstances. If a clinic is busy, try another location nearby.
Do I need a mask when I go to the clinic to get tested?Wear a mask when attending a COVID-19 testing clinic.
If you are visiting a GP you should call ahead to let them know you have symptoms of COVID-19.
How do I register for SMS and how long does it take to get my results?​Information on how to receive your result, including how to register for SMS, is provided when you get tested.            
You will usually receive your results within 48 hours, but they may take longer during busy periods. ​
Who contacts me if my result is positive?You will receive an SMS (text message) with your results. You may also receive an SMS from NSW Health.
I need a test certificate for travel purposesCOVID-19 testing and result certificates for travel clearance are provided by private pathology clinics. Before getting tested, please check the requirements of your airline and country of destination, including the test cut-off time.
Current as at: Friday 28 January 2022
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