​​​NSW Health is implementing a statewide strategy to ensure all staff have the personal protective equipment needed to protect them at work. This includes:

  • collaborating with the Federal Government to access the national medical stockpile
  • seeking alternative supply chains
  • expediting equipment orders since January
  • working around the clock to secure and move stock into NSW to meet future needs
  • pursuing all channels of existing supply, new supply and alternative supplies
  • engaging new and existing manufacturing opportunities in Australia
  • supporting local PPE stock management to maintain consistent standards across the system
  • centralising ordering and management of incoming supplies to ensure appropriate and effective allocation of supplies across the state.​

In addition to pursuing all supply avenues, NSW Health is proactively working on ensuring that guidelines around the appropriate use of PPE, published by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)​, are well communicated and adhered to in the current environment.

Stay informed

NSW is currently responding to a number of COVID-19 outbreaks all across NSW. Healthcare workers are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19. It is important that we maintain high rates of testing to ensure any new cases or outbreaks are identified and managed rapidly. To assist healthcare facilities to assess staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 please to refer the Health Care Worker COVID-19 Risk Assessment Matrix.

The safety of NSW Health staff is an absolute priority at all times and especially during the current COVID-19 situation

Where safe working practices confirm specific Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. face shields/ masks or other equipment) are required for the protection of staff due to COVID-19, in all circumstances:

  • Staff are to wear prescribed PPE as instructed
  • Staff are not to undertake or be required to undertake tasks requiring PPE if the PPE is not available for use. Any such tasks are not to proceed until required PPE is available.
  • Any staff member who is concerned about their safety must raise their concerns immediately to their manager.​​​​​​​​​​

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Current as at: Wednesday 18 August 2021
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