Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) online Covid-19 Resources as a source of information and guidance for NSW clinicians providing care to children and young people.

Case for action

No comprehensive NSW COVID-19 guidelines specifically addressing paediatric practice for emergency departments and paediatric wards. Approval of these guidelines will provide rapid access to additional information for clinical staff and enable Communities of Practice to address other areas of need.

Online COVID 19 – clinical practice guidelines

NSW Health is a partner in The Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (PIC).

PIC brings together paediatric clinical expertise from NSW, Queensland and Victoria to develop interstate clinical practice guidelines to promote consistency of practice and avoid duplication of effort.

On-line guidelines are published and reviewed by The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. The hospital also manages business continuity and security as required by Victorian Protective Data and Security Standards.

PIC has developed a COVID-19 resource: RCH Covid-19 Clinical Practice Guide intended for emergency departments and paediatric wards.

The guide includes essential management information, videos to support the safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and links to other relevant guidelines, including Bronchiolitis, Community acquired pneumonia and Croup.

The RCH guide has been reviewed by members of 3 COVID Communities of Practice:
  • Paediatric and Youth
  • Emergency Dept 
  • Intensive Care.

Document information

Developed by
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne​
  • Paediatric Improvement Collaborative including: ​NSW Chief Paediatrician and Dr Alan Kerrigan, Paediatric Clinical Lead, Western Children’s Health Network, and Chair of the ACI Covid-19 Paediatric High-Risk Respiratory Working Group
  • Emergency Dept. COVID Community of Practice
  • Intensive Care COVID Community of Practice.​
Review date
  • Fortnightly
Reviewed by
  • NSW Chief Paediatrician, Dr Matt O’Meara​
For use by
  • ​Paediatric and Youth Community of Practice and Local Health District staff providing clinical care to children and young people.​

Current as at: Tuesday 21 April 2020
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