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Aim of the clinical community of practice

The System Purchasing Branch will provide an opportunity for sharing of ideas, strategies, local solutions and concerns with respect to COVID-19 Pandemic preparedness.

The Community of Practice will be multidisciplinary and include representation from all districts and networks. It will enable clinicians and clinical managers in Hospital in the Home, Integrated Care and Virtual Teams responding to the care of positive COVID patients at home, from all districts to provide expert advice and guidance to the system, and to escalate matters that require a statewide or system response.

The aim of these sessions is to:

  • support clinicians to network and share strategies, local solutions and issues with respect to the pandemic response for care of the COVID-19 positive patient at home.
  • identify, prioritise and escalate issues related to COVID-19 which are actually or potentially affecting clinicians providing care for patients at home or specialised health accommodation that require a statewide or system response
  • review and provide expert clinical advice on guidelines, resources and other information
  • share Ministry approved advice and resources on the response to COVID-19 that can be circulated within all districts and networks.


  • Executive sponsors:
    • Dr Nigel Lyons, Deputy Secretary, Health System Strategy and Resources
    • Wayne Jones, Deputy Secretary, Patient Experience and System Performance
  • Interim Clinical lead: Dr Amith Shetty, Clinical Director, Patient Experience and System Performance Support division
  • Community of practice secretariat: System Purchasing Branch, PESP Division. Email: MOH--HITHCOVID-COP@health.nsw.gov.au 

The System Purchasing Branch will escalate issues raised by the Community of Practice to the Strategic Reform and Planning Branch. Key information will be collected and distributed through MOH-COVID19-ClinicalAdvice@health.nsw.gov.au, which will be monitored by Strategic Reform and Planning Branch. 

Collated issues/advice will be escalated by Dr Lyons and Mr Jones through to the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) and/or the State Health Emergency Operations Centre (SHEOC) as appropriate.

PHEOC and SHEOC responses will be provided to Strategic Reform and Planning and then to the community of practice secretariat(s).

Weekly community of practice updates will be provided to NSW Health Chief Executives.

Clinical leads

Each community of practice will have a clinical lead appointed by Dr Nigel Lyons, Deputy Secretary, Health System Strategy and Resources.

The clinical lead will:
  • assist with the facilitation of the community of practice
  • work with clinical peers in the districts and networks to share ideas and develop appropriate response strategies
  • provide expert advice and guidance to the system and Ministry as required
  • escalate relevant matters to the Ministry that require a statewide or system response
  • provide expert advice to respond to media enquiries.

This community of practice scope is not

A group which is able to endorse statewide changes or make decisions that impacts a unit or system or allocate funding to recommendations.


This Community of Practice is open to all clinicians (allied health, nursing and medical) and managers involved in the operation and delivery of clinical care to COVID positive patient’s in the home. At a minimum it will include representation from all districts and networks. However, membership may be extended more broadly to include all interested NSW Health staff as well as professional colleges, private providers/clinicians and other non-government organisations as appropriate to the clinical speciality.

To join the community of practice participants should email:  MOH-HITHCOVID-COP@health.nsw.gov.au

Frequency of the community of practice

Fortnightly basis on a Thursday from 3pm -4pm commencing 9 September 2021 using Microsoft Teams for business. Microsoft Teams details will be attached to the calendar invite. 

Guidelines and resources


Current as at: Thursday 2 September 2021
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