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This information is for healthcare staff across NSW Health Public Hospitals including EDs, ICUs, COVID leads, DMSs, nurses, administrative staff etc.


NSW Health Pathology (NSWHP) has created a new, secure online system – a Results Portal – to allow people to securely and conveniently access their personal COVID-19 result, whether it is positive or negative. It also provides them with a copy of their own result report they can provide to authorised third parties such as employers or schools to enable them to verify the result.

This important new portal is critical to our ongoing COVID-19 response to assist with outbreak management and provide individuals with secure access to their results.

Given the high number of positive cases across the state, NSWHP's SMS Service and Results Portal supports individuals to confirm their results, and the need to remain in isolation and seek care where required until they are contacted by a NSW Health representative.

The Results Portal is now available to people who have had a COVID-19 respiratory tract sample collected at a NSW public hospital or NSWHP collection clinic for testing by one of NSWHP's dedicated COVID-19 laboratories.

It is not available to people who have a COVID-19 test done by a private pathology provider as NSWHP does not have access to these individuals' results.

Developed by NSWHP's DevOps ICT team, the Results Portal has been piloted and enhanced over the past 3 months with approximately 2,500 workers employed in hotel quarantine and other high-risk COVID-19 response areas.

The new NSWHP Results Portal allows people to:

  1. Get confirmation of their personal COVID-19 test result through the Portal at: my.pathology.health.nsw.gov.au using a secure, one-time passcode issued to their mobile phone. Here the person can view and download a copy of their personal result report that contains their name, date of sample collection, COVID-19 result, unique QR code for verification, and other identifying information.
  2. Verify confirmation of an individual's COVID-19 test result. Authorised third parties (such as employers, schools or airlines) can securely verify an individual's test result by scanning the unique QR code on the result report.

Benefits of the NSWHP Results Portal

  • Provides fast, convenient access to secure personal test results so individuals can check their own result and access a copy of their personal result report, which they can download and/or print.
  • It's secure, simple, easy to use and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere using a mobile, laptop or other device.
  • People will also be able to access positive results securely via the Results Portal to ensure they remain in isolation and seek essential advice and/or care.
  • The copy of an individual's result report includes a unique, encrypted QR code which can be scanned by an authorised third party such as an employer, school/other education organisation, airline, etc to verify the person's COVID-19 test result.
  • Provides other self-service options including links to experience surveys, consent to take part in research, etc.
  • Developed in response to feedback from the community that having secure access to confirmation of their COVID-19 result not only gives peace of mind, but also helps people return to business-as-usual activities including school and employment more quickly.
  • It frees up critical frontline healthcare workers from the high volume of calls into labs and hospitals, and give people greater control about how they access and share their COVID-19 test results.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the NSW Health Public Health Unit teams no longer contacting people who test positive for COVID-19?

Yes, every person who tests positive will be called by a representative of NSW Health. The new NSW Health Pathology Results Portal is in addition to the work undertaken by the NSW Health Public Health Unit teams. However, given the high volume of positive cases, the portal will minimise delays in issuing positive results securely.

Is the Results Portal for COVID-19 results only?

Yes, people will only be able to access their secure, personal COVID-19 result via the Results Portal. It will not provide any other pathology test results.

How will people know about the portal and how they can access it?

Individuals who register with NSWHP's SMS Results Service for a COVID-19 result will be sent a link to the Results Portal asking them to log in following the identification prompts to securely access their result and copy of their report. The portal is not available to people whose test is done by a private pathology provider.

Will people still receive a result via SMS?

Yes, however, if they are positive for SARS-CoV-2, the SMS will send them to the Results Portal to access their result as well as necessary advice and support. People who test negative will continue to receive a negative result via SMS provided they have been tested by NSWHP and have registered to receive their result via SMS.

What information do people need to enter to access the Results Portal securely?

The first time an individual accesses the NSWHP Results Portal, they will be required to enter the following information to verify their identity:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Name of the collection centre (this will prevent privately tested patients from registering to receive a result that NSWHP does not hold)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Postcode of residence
  • Date of collection
  • Medicare number if available.

How do we know the portal is secure and people can't hack or access others results?

The Results Portal has been developed in accordance with NSWHP's IT architecture requirements and developed from the existing SMS Result Service. This ensures it has been built in accordance with best practice and laws governing privacy, data protection and cybersecurity of laboratory test results. A separate Privacy Impact Assessment has been undertaken for the Results Portal, and it has also been validated in an external security review. The Results Portal will continue to be subject to ongoing security and privacy reviews.

What steps has NSWHP taken to ensure people can't forge a confirmation of a negative result?

Results are securely transferred from the NSWHP COVID-19 testing lab to the system. The Results Portal generates a unique, encrypted QR code which is displayed on each individual's personal result report. The identifiers used in the QR code cannot be forged as they are unique to each individual and result. Individuals can then provide their own result report to a third party such an employer, so they can scan the QR code to verify the result.

What information is provided to people who test positive via the portal?

People who test positive will be advised that their result is available via SMS and provided a link to our secure Results Portal. Here they will receive notification of a positive result, be advised to continue to self-isolate and be provided with information about what to do if they require urgent medical care. They will also be advised that they will be contacted by a NSW Health representative regarding their care and management.

Are children able to access their own result through the Results Portal?

As with our SMS Results Service, people aged 14 years and above are able to access their results directly. For children under the age of 14 years, the Results Portal asks the person to confirm they are the legal representative or guardian of the child, noting that making a false declaration is a serious offence.

How does the verification process work?

The copy of an individual's results report includes a secure, unique QR code that a third party such as an employer, school or airline can scan to verify the person's results. It is up to each individual to decide who they release this information to for verification purposes. They can do this by downloading a copy of their result report available in the portal to email or print for their authorised third parties.

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