Use of humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) for bronchiolitis during the COVID-19 pandemic​​

Follow local guidelines where available.​

When using HFNC in a patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19:

  • use contact, droplet and airborne precautions
  • perform in a negative pressure or single room​.​​

​​​When to use ​HFNC

  • Objective criteria for HFNC
    • use only after a failed trial of low-flow oxygen including appropriate positioning and nasal suctioning and
  • Saturation <92%
    • and/or increasing respiratory work with increasing tachycardia, or grunting and signs of fatigue
  • ​​Senior Doctor REVIEW or contact NETS prior to commencing HFNC.


Always start at 2L/ kg/ min​.


Regular review.


Do not use HFNC below 2L/ kg/ min. Change to low flow oxygen.

For more details, access guidelines here: NSW Bronchiolitis CPG​.

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NSW Health: Paediatric COVID-19 Respiratory Working Party​ (convened by the ACI on behalf of the Ministry). 


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