Thank you for all your hard work to get people accurate and quick test results. As the cold and flu season approaches and testing continues, districts should inform GPs of test results for ongoing health management and support.

Four steps to get test results to GPs:

  1. Ask all people getting tested for COVID-19 if they consent for their nominated GP to receive a copy of the result.
    Make the request clear and easy to understand e.g.:
  2. “Your GP is there to provide ongoing help with your healthcare. Which GP would you like your test result to be shared with?”
  3. Confirm all GP details.
  4. Update the Patient Administration System (PAS) to document the consent.
  5. Include GP details in ‘Copy to’ on the pathology order.

The updated PAS and documentation of the clinical encounter will ensure the correct flow of pathology results into HealtheNet and on to the My Health Record, for timely access by the nominated GP. If a person has withdrawn consent to My Health Record, the pathology result will be uploaded to HealtheNet, and only be available to NSW Health staff. An alternate arrangement will be required to ensure the nominated GP receives the person’s result.

Districts requiring further assistance with eMR and PAS matters can contact Lyn Packer, eHealth Clinical Applications Services.

Please contact COVID-19 clinics for further information.

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