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Accessing trusted information about COVID-19

Young people can be overwhelmed by the amount of information about COVID-19.  The following resources help young people, their parents/carers and healthcare workers to access trusted information to

  • inform young people about COVID-19 and
  • support young people coping in the COVID-19 environment.

For advice if you are feeing unwell

For latest situation updates about COVID-19

What you need to know about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Resources for young people to look after themselves during coronavirus pandemic

Information and strategies to cope with Coronavirus

Self-help digital tools such as apps, online space for young people

Interactive platforms for young people to share their experience and worries with someone (they do not replace professional advice)

Online support and counseling for young people

Tips for how to stay safe online

Resources to support 2020 Year 12 students

The COVID-19 pandemic period has been a stressful time for all, school students need reassurance for their future, especially Year 12 students, who have experienced additional stress.

The following information and resources relating to Higher School Certificate (HSC) in 2020 are compiled for use by Year 12 students, their parents/carers and healthcare workers.

Information and resources relating to HSC 2020

Resources for parents/carers and healthcare workers

Information for strategies and support to cope with Coronavirus

Resources to help support your children and adolescents

Parenting resources

Document information

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