A patient with suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 who is medically and mentally fit for discharge may be discharged home to self isolate where they are able to do so.

Where a person’s ability to self isolate is unclear, seek advice form the local Public Health Unit and infection prevention and control. Consideration should be given regarding the possibility to manage the patient in special health accommodation or via hospital-in-the-home or other similar arrangements.

The patient and their carer should be given advice on the requirements to isolate at home. Consideration must also be given to the person's journey home from the hospital.

Verbal and written handover to other care providers must include the patients COVID-19 positive status to ensure all staff involved in providing follow up are aware of PPE requirements.

For socially isolated patients, the additional potentially negative effects of self isolation on a person's wellbeing must be considered in formulating community follow up plans. ​​​

Digital and online supports

There are a number of high-quality mental health and wellbeing services that people can access free from home:

NSW Health has partnered with Sonder to provide a free personal wellbeing service, available to provide additional support for people in isolation. The app provides access to confidential 24/7 multilingual chat and phone access to a range of mental health and wellbeing support services. Individuals can download the app and enter the code HERE2HELP.

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Current as at: Wednesday 20 October 2021
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