This guidance pertains to one-to-one therapeutic engagement (e.g. talking therapies), where there is a low risk of COVID-19 infection.

Additional advice related to the restoration of rehabilitation activities including inpatient and outpatient therapeutic groups is available at Restoration of rehabilitation services - advice for NSW health services.

One-to-one therapeutic interventions

Where possible ensure 4m2 rule per person and maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres.

  • Pre-screening questions and rapid antigen tests to help iidentify a person who is unwell or has a risk for COVID-19 and needs to be rescheduled for an alternative telehealth session. Screening results may also guide patients to be referred for medical review and rescheduled when they are well (or released from self-isolation if COVID-19 positive).
  • Patients/clients perform hand hygiene prior to entering the waiting room and again before entering the room for their appointment.
  • Maintain as much distance as able to during the session (minimum 1.5 metres)
  • Minimise the number of people in the room. Students and/or carers may join via telehealth rather than being in the room.
  • For extended sessions, a combination of telehealth and face to face may be recommended. The options for this are:
    • two separate sessions
    • one session with face to face in 1 room and then the clinician use another room to consult further by a video telehealth. This would reduce the amount of time spent in a small room together.
  • Consider providing per information/registration forms etc. prior to the session to reduce waiting and session times on the day.

During the sessions, PPE should be applied as per the COVID-19 Risk Monitoring Dashboard and CEC Infection Prevention and Control Manual. Condense use of materials and objects to those that can be wiped clean and disinfected, and those which can be disposed after one use.

If the patient is suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19, and the care provision within 1.5 metres include physical contact, then full PPE as per the CEC Infection Prevention and Control Manual is required.

Therapeutic intervention for a patient who is COVID-19 positive may be an important part of their treatment and recovery and may help them to deal with anxiety and distress associated with their illness or need for isolation. Telehealth may be the preferred option to ensure patients are still able to access the supports they need in such circumstances.

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Current as at: Thursday 21 October 2021
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