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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Administration Clerk

Required Job Skills: Supervisory experience, demonstrated communication, clerical and interviewing skills

AHS Staff: clerical and administrative staff

Secondary workforce: clerical

Report to: Relevant stage Manager


The role of the Administration Clerk is to ensure efficient and timely administrative processes at a vaccination clinic.

Initial actions

  • Check in to venue
  • Report to and receive assignment from supervisor
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Familiarise self with the work flows and layout of clinic including:
    • Physical layout of work space (eg: emergency exits, toilets)
    • Emergency procedures, such as BLS
  • Assist to set up clinic station
  • Set up the administration desk/s
  • Check there are adequate education materials
  • Complete details on data forms if required
  • Obtain needed office supplies - assist with packing of equipment and supplies

Specific job actions

  • Check documentation, ensuring that all fields on consent forms are completed appropriately
  • Ensure that client has completed the consent form. No client will proceed further into the clinic if their consent form is not valid.
  • Refer difficulties or significant delays in registration processes to supervisor
  • Give Stage 2 Manager feedback about what is working well and what is not working well
  • Attend team meetings as directed by Stage 2 Manager

Conclusion of work shift actions

  • Complete all required forms, reports, and other documentation and give to supervisor
  • Ask runner for completed vaccine wastage report and store with clinic data sheet
  • Clean up work area before leaving
  • Assist to transport equipment to vehicle
  • Return stores to appropriate location
    • Re-stock supplies
    • Store equipment
    • Place ice bricks in freezer
  • Brief on-coming staff at shift change on specific job position duties, ensuring that ongoing activities are identified and that follow-up requirements are documented
  • Sign off and log the hours worked.

Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
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