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Position title: Clinic Manager

Required Job Skills: Extensive managerial skills, comprehensive communication, written and computer skills

LHD staff: HSM, NUM or DON, Service Manager, Hub Manager, Team Leader

Supervise (if activated): Mass vaccination clinic team members


To manage, coordinate and direct activities of a vaccination clinic, including clinic set-up and overseeing, assigning, deploying and tracking staff, to ensure the overall effectiveness of the vaccination team. Overall responsibility for decision making during a vaccination clinic function: to lead, assign responsibilities, conduct clinic staff briefing, provide guidance, and serve as a resource for all staff within the group.

Initial actions

  • Sign-on to staff roster, including personal contact number
  • Ensure photo ID badge is clearly visible
  • Introduce self to all staff assigned to team
  • Provide initial briefing at a time specified prior to commencement of the mass clinic
  • Alert supervisor if unable to perform any of the duties in the job action sheet, clarifying any issues of concern with supervisor
  • Familiarise self with the workstation and resources including:
    • Physical layout of workspace (eg: emergency exits, toilets)
    • Check workstation phone and computer
    • Check two-way radio, ensuring that batteries are fully charged and re-charger is available for phone type
    • Ensure vaccine storage area secure

Specific job actions

  • Establish site for the mass vaccination clinic
  • Liaise with venue manager
  • Ensure all group response elements work together
  • Liaise with the GM of Hospital / LHD CE regarding clinic flows
  • Assure collaboration and coordination with other partners/agencies providing mass vaccination assistance
  • Manage throughput of the clinic, including consideration of inviting stand-by list of staff to accept immunisations if clinic otherwise under-subscribed
  • Liaise with Stage Managers to ensure coordination of each Stage’s activities
  • Ensure that adequate safety measures are in place for staff and public, including ensuring screening staff have up to date information for health care facility screening
  • Communicate objectives and work strategies to Stage Managers and to allocate staffing and supplies appropriately; adjust staffing and supplies as necessary
  • Coordinate staff orientation and training of those he/she supervises
  • Field logistics requests from Stage Managers and coordinate with the LHD logistics officer to obtain any needed information, data or equipment, as is required
  • Monitor outcomes (such as throughput estimates and wait times) and evaluate work processes of the mass vaccination clinic; make modifications if necessary
  • Liaise with Stage Managers to ensure availability of PPE (as necessary), adequate rest breaks, food and drink, hygienic facilities, and assistance for those personnel with identified needs
  • If deemed necessary, request additional resources to meet health and safety requirements of personnel or the public during the clinic
  • Communicate with Stage Managers as appropriate in order to determine information and feedback systems, including frequency and method of communications

Conclusion of work shift actions

  • Complete all required forms, reports, and other documentation and give to supervisor
  • Clean up work area before leaving
  • Ensure that ongoing activities are identified and that follow-up requirements are known before leaving
  • Sign off and log the hours worked
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