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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination First Aid Officer

Require Job Skills: Valid and current first-aid certificate

AHS Staff: Nil

Secondary workforce: St John Ambulance probationer or cadet, State Emergency Service, other volunteer

Report to: Stage 3 Manager

Supervise (if activated): N/A


To administer first-aid to any client who requires it while on site and to attend to unwell clients post-vaccination. Initial actions

  • Check into venue
  • Report to and receive assignment from your supervisor
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Introduce self to all staff assigned to team
  • Familiarise self with the clinic including:
    • Emergency procedures such as procedure to call an ambulance
    • Emergency exits

Specific job actions

  • Familiarise self with post vaccination instruction card provided to client, vaccine record card, AEFI report form and Clinical Sequence of Events form
  • Immediately assess and care for unwell clients
  • If concerned about condition or any signs & symptoms of anaphylaxis per SOP, notify Stage 3 Manager or duty Medical Officer immediately
  • Attend team meetings as directed by supervisor
  • Give Stage 3 Manager feedback about what is working well and what is not working
Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
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