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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Stage Runner

Require Job Skills: Able to follow directions, agile and adaptable.

AHS Staff:

Secondary workforce:

Report to: Appropriate Stage Manager

Supervise (if activated): N/A


To provide logistical support to clinic staff by ensuring on-going supply of vaccines, dry goods and stationery. Liaise between staff as required and as may be directed by relevant Stage Manager.

Initial actions

  • Check in to venue
  • Report to and receive assignment from your supervisor
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Familiarise self with emergency procedures and emergency exits and BLS

Specific job actions

  • Access and provide supplies to staff upon request
  • Answer questions raised by individuals and refer appropriately if cannot answer
  • Provide relevant Stage Manager feedback and suggestions in amending SOPs to improve efficiencies
  • Document any problems on job action log, expected or unanticipated, and document how these were resolved
Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
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