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Position title: Site Manager

Required Job Skills: Advanced Life Support (ALS) accredited, willing to be educated regarding COVID-19 immunisation indications and contra-indications

LHD staff: Critical care clinician – staff specialist or advanced trainee


To provide clinical oversight of COVID-19 Clinic.

Initial actions

  • Sign-on to staff roster, including personal contact number
  • Ensure photo ID badge is clearly visible
  • Introduce self to all staff assigned to team
  • Provide clinical initial briefing at a time specified prior to commencement of the mass clinic, including any learnings from previous shifts
  • Work with clinic staff to both manage patients in the clinic and during the on-line booking process
  • Familiarise self with the resources available in the clinic, including ensuring supplies of relevant pharmaceuticals and equipment for managing anaphylaxis are available
  • Familiarise self with emergency procedures and emergency exits

Specific job actions

  • Work with clinic manager to ensure safe and appropriate vaccination practices at the clinic
  • Keep abreast of latest clinical guidance from ATAGI, Australian Government and NSW Health
  • Review pre-registration forms and discuss relevant contraindications and precautions with client – where necessary seek guidance from National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance help line
  • Provide clinical oversight to the vaccination and post-vaccination (observation) areas, and manage any complications as a result of vaccination at the clinic, including reporting of adverse events (to the public health unit) and clinical incidents(into IIMS)
  • Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
    Contact page owner: Health Protection NSW