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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Pharmacist

Required Job Skills: Pharmacy Technician

Report to: Pharmacist

Supervise (if activated): N/A


Manages the safe drawing up of vaccine for immunisers to use, maximising doses from vial and minimising wastage Initial actions

  • Check in to workplace
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Attend Centre briefing at time specified prior to commencement of the mass clinic
  • Alert supervisor if unable to perform any of the duties in the job action sheet. Clarify any issues or concerns with supervisor
  • Familiarise self with the work station and resources including:
    • Physical layout of work space (eg: emergency exits, toilets)
    • Cold chain security of vaccine
    • Consumables available for the vaccine
    • Emergency procedures

Specific job actions

  • Assist with activation of clinic site and drawing up teams
  • Attend pre-clinic staff training for Stage 3 staff, for the review of clinical procedures and protocols – especially management of cold chain for Pfizer vaccine
  • Coordinate staff orientation and training where necessary
  • Draw up vaccine such that vaccine wastage is minimised
  • Ensure all occupational health and safety principles and infection control guidelines are adhered to as per NSW health policies; document any work-related illnesses or injuries of Stage personnel
  • Maintain vaccine cold chain (VCC)
  • Oversee and ensure that all clinical incidents are managed according to NSW Health policy.

Conclusion of work shift actions

  • Complete all required forms, reports, and other documentation and give to supervisor
  • Brief on-coming staff at shift change on specific job position duties, ensuring that ongoing activities are identified and that follow-up requirements are known before leaving workstation.
  • Commence preparation for following day, including notes regarding any vaccine that should be used *first*
  • Sign off and log the hours worked
  • Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
    Contact page owner: Health Protection NSW