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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Screening Staff

Required Job Skills: experience using digital thermometer and accuracy in recording temperatures

AHS staff: Administrative, Clerical or Clinical staff member

Report to: Stage 1 Manager

Supervise: N/A


The role of the Screening Assessor is to assess patients for fever or COVID-19 symptoms or close contacts prior to entering the vaccination clinic in order to

  1. isolate potential cases of COVID-19 from other individuals at the earliest point
  2. determine suitability for immunisation
  3. refer to COVID-19 Clinic.

Initial actions

  • Sign-on to staff roster, providing contact details
  • Report to and receive assignment from assigned supervisor
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Introduce self to all staff assigned to team
  • Alert supervisor if you are unable to perform any of the duties in the job action sheet. Clarify any issues of concern with assigned supervisor
  • Familiarise self with the thermometer and screening guidance
  • Familiarise self with emergency procedures

Specific job actions

  • Review screening guidelines provided
  • Contact Stage 1 Manager for any clarifications
  • Ask questions of each client from a pre-prepared checklist
  • Answer questions and discuss any concerns, advising vaccination-related issues will be discussed by the nurse after they have read the information
  • Liaise with Security Staff if required to redirect people from clinic
  • Give Stage 1 Manager feedback about what is working well and what is not working well

Conclusion of work shift actions

  • Complete all required forms, reports, and other documentation and give to supervisor
  • Clean up your work area before you leave
  • Brief on-coming staff at shift change on specific job position duties, ensuring that ongoing activities are identified and that follow-up requirements are documented
  • Sign off and log the hours worked
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