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Position title: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Security Officer

Require Job Skills: Security Licence Class 1A/1C, interview skills

AHS Staff: Licensed security officers

Secondary workforce: Licensed Security Officers Class 1A/1C

Report to: Appropriate Stage Manager

Supervise (if activated): N/A


The role of the Clinic Security Officer is to provide security for emergency vaccine and staff despatching and transporting it, and to provide crowd control and security for the mass vaccination clinic on site, for clinic staff and the general public.

The security staff should also remind staff and patients regarding the importance of physical distancing, wearing masks correctly and hand hygiene

Initial actions

  • Check into venue
  • Report to and receive assignment from your supervisor
  • Ensure photo ID is clearly visible
  • Familiarise self with the work station and resources including:
    • Physical layout of work space (eg: emergency exits, toilets)
    • Check two-way radio or mobile phone, ensuring that batteries are fully charged and re-charger is available for specific two-way radio and phone type
    • Emergency procedures, including BLS
  • Ensure awareness of procedure for asking questions of supervisor, handling specific expected and unanticipated problems, and requesting a break

Specific job actions

  • If assigned, provide security for vaccines and immunisation staff, from vaccine storage facility to vaccination centre venue, and return
  • Stand at the exit (gate) and direct clients out of clinic
  • Answer questions raised by individuals and refer appropriately if cannot answer
  • Identify any individual who needs assistance, offering and arranging help (runner)
  • Crowd control:
    • Maintain order in stages 1-4 and ensure no-one enters the clinic from the previous stage/exit.
    • Respond to calls for in-clinic assistance after ensuring a runner or second security personnel is deployed to prevent inappropriate entry to the site by community members
  • Inform relevant Stage Manager and Entry Security Officer (by two-way radio or phone) of significant bottlenecks or if serious disruptions occur at each stage, exit or first aid monitoring area in order that client entry to the clinic facility can be halted until disruption resolves, or of any issue of concern, such as aggression
  • Provide the appropriate Stage Manager with feedback and suggestions in amending SOPs to improve efficiencies
Current as at: Monday 22 February 2021
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