Organisations and employers who are responsible for a workplace or venue should start to take actions now to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

For more information about the actions you should take, refer to COVID-19 - Advice for the NSW community.

These resources have been developed to support businesses in communicating important key messages to their workforce.

Facts about COVID-19

Frequently asked questions

Social distancing

Industry specific information

Advice for:

The Australian Government also have a range of industry specific advice to support businesses. Refer to Department of Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources.

Where handling of cash is required

  • For intermittent handling of cash, the staff member should be advised to perform hand hygiene immediately after handling cash (either soap and water or hand sanitiser, whichever is available. This means hand sanitiser may need to be available to support this across a range of settings that don’t currently have this.
  • For longer periods of cash handling, the staff member should wear gloves while handling cash, and then carefully remove the gloves and perform hand hygiene at the end of the period of cash handling.


COVID-19 symptoms

Also available in a variety of community languages. Refer to Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in‑language resources.

Have you washed your hands

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How to handwash

How to handwash (print friendly)

How to hand rub

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