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Clinical roles

What clinical skillsets will be of interest?

Expressions of interest are being sought for all clinical skillsets – doctors (general, limited and specialist registrants), nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and paramedics.

Successful applicants may be required to work within a modified scope of practice or within different settings to their usual practice.

Will I be eligible to take up a clinical role?

There will be some minimum requirements to be considered for certain clinical opportunities.

Depending on your profession, there will be minimum experiences, qualification and/or registration requirements that need to be up to date.

All individuals who are successfully considered for opportunities may also be required to perform pre-employment screening such as police, working with children and aged care checks.

Non-clinical roles

What non-clinical roles are likely to be available?

Expressions of interest are sought for a wide range of other roles that we need to support the delivery of safe and high-quality care within the NSW Health.

There are many people who work within NSW health services in important roles that support trained clinical staff.

There are two broad areas where non-clinical roles will likely be required:

  • administrative and clerical roles, such as providing administration and/or project support
  • other support positions, such as ward orderlies and ward persons.

Would I be suitable for an administrative and clerical role?

If you have previously worked as a receptionist, call centre worker, or generally have a strong mix of personal and information technology skills, please register your interest in a potential role within the NSW Health.

Within hospitals, there are many people who perform valuable roles in answering phones, assisting in organising rosters, maintaining records and supporting senior clinical and ward staff to perform their roles.


When will I know if there is interest in my experience?

As an expression of interest process, the information you provide will assist in identifying you as potentially suitable for further discussions regarding employment opportunities.

You may be contacted to seek further information to determine suitability for employment for a specific position.

There are certain parts of the health system and certain geographic areas across NSW that are likely to be in greater need of surge staff during periods ahead.

This means that there may be people who are more suitable for certain roles, or who live closer to certain NSW health services, that get contacted sooner.

Expressing your interest is not a guarantee that you will be contacted or offered employment within the NSW Health.

You also have the option to apply for formally advertised vacancies that are advertised on I work for NSW.

When should I expect further contact?

This depends on your skill sets and where you live.

Your details will be retained until October 2020 so you may be contacted at any stage up until that time.

How will my information be used?

The NSW Ministry of Health (the Ministry) collects the information that you provide via the online form.

If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, the department may not be able to contact you regarding your enquiry.

The Ministry may provide your information to third parties, including NSW Health services and contracted third party recruitment or labour management service providers to assist in the placement of candidates within the NSW Health system.

For more information on the department’s handling of any personal information, please refer to the department’s Privacy statement.​​​​​​

Page Updated: Monday 20 April 2020