​These guidelines apply to declared flight crew members who have been in a country other than Australia or New Zealand, or a New Zealand hotspot, within the 14 days immediately before arrival in NSW.

Last updated: 22 December 2020

Requirements prior to travel

Screen and exclude flight crew who are unwell from any onward domestic travel. Any flight crew with symptoms should have a COVID-19 test and isolate immediately in their port of arrival until they receive a negative result.

The airline is responsible for notifying the next jurisdiction of the arrival of the air crew, in case any additional actions are required by that jurisdiction. The airline must also ensure the flight crew member(s) has/have been advised of their isolation requirements on arrival in this jurisdiction.

Requirements during travel

Airlines must have a protocol in place to deal with any international flight crew who becomes unwell during onward domestic travel, including notifying their arrival jurisdiction.

Airlines must arrange appropriate transport for international flight crew by private car or in a plane that does not contain passengers. Commercial transport services (such as public transport or commercial airlines) must not be used.

International flight crew undertaking onward domestic travel must wear a face mask at all times unless travelling alone by private vehicle and good hand hygiene with use of alcohol based hand rub.

If travelling to Australian Capital Territory, flight crew must drive themselves and travel directly.  The vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly following the travel.   

International flight crew must transfer directly to the ‘ferry flight’ in a manner that does not bring them in contact with any other person other than their fellow crew members.  Non-international pilots can fly the plane provided they remain in cockpit throughout flight, having access to dedicated toilet/wash room facilities. Travelling crew must remain separate from the pilots who fly the plane.

Cleaning requirements

Airlines must ensure vehicles used for domestic transport of international flight crew are cleaned thoroughly after use. This includes cleaning all hard surfaces prior to onboarding new passengers.

Disinfectant solutions must be maintained at an appropriate strength, and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Airlines must advise staff to promote natural ventilation during travel, including opening car windows where possible, and increasing mechanical ventilation where possible by optimising air conditioning or other system settings (such as by maximising the intake of outside air and reducing or avoiding recirculation of air).

Record keeping

Airlines must keep a record of flight details should the flight crew test positive and close contact tracing be required.  This includes the name and contact details of each crew member.

Current as at: Tuesday 22 December 2020
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