NSW Health has been made aware of malicious emails that appear to originate from NSW Health.

The emails imitate a NSW Health email address and contain a zip file that contains malware (malicious software), which when opened, will invisibly install software to decrypt and intercept banking communications in order to steal a recipient’s credentials.

Please be vigilant and do not to open any suspicious emails or attachments that have the following characteristics:

  • The email sender is: payslip@hss.health.nsw.gov.au
  • The subject is “Payment Summary (Group Certificate) for 2014/15 financial year”
  • The email contains an attachment which appears to be legitimate, with a filename similar or close to: “PAYG_EoY_2014_15_24381114_763121543.zip”
  • The email also includes a link to an official HealthShare NSW webpage regarding payment summaries: Payment Summaries and Reportable Fringe Benefits.
Current as at: Thursday 17 September 2015
Contact page owner: NSW Health