NSW Pain Management Plan 2012-2016

The NSW Pain Management Plan 2012-2016 is the NSW Government response to the recommendations of the Pain Management Taskforce commissioned by the NSW Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research to propose strategies for the development and support of a state-wide system of pain management services. The Plan provides the strateg​ic direction for current and future delivery of pain management services across NSW and details the investment of an additional $26M in pain management services, research and education over the next 4 years.

NSW Pain Management Report

The NSW Pain Management Report - Report of the NSW Pain Management Taskforce, outlines the Taskforce’s recommendations to develop and support a state-wide system of pain management services by focussing on integrating multidisciplinary care across primary, secondary and tertiary services; education, training and workforce development for health professionals in all disciplines; research and evaluation; community-wide strategies to reduce the stigma of chronic pain; and better access to early intervention.

The Report has several Appendices:

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