This document provides an overview of the Commissioning for Better Value Strategy 2021-25.

Last updated: 13 January 2023

NSW Health vision

A sustainable health system that delivers outcomes that matter to patients and the community, is personalised, invests in wellness and is digitally enabled.


To enhance NSW Health services that support patient care by shifting our focus from
outputs to outcomes.


By June 2024

  • Drive awareness and understanding of CBV in alignment with value based health care
  • Support partnerships and networks to build CBV capability
  • Embed value based healthcare in CBV across the system.

By June 2025

Monitor implementation and evaluate the impact of CBV.

Implementation plan

Embed (2021-24)

Established ‘business as usual’ norms, culture and partnerships in NSW health services:

  • build capability in districts, pillars, networks and our external partners to apply CBV
  • influence policy to embed CBV in NSW Health strategies, service statements and agreements, contracts, grants, business cases and reform initiatives.

Sustain (2024-25)

Best practice sustained that reinforces an outcomes focus in NSW health services:

  • explore new funding models that support a commissioning approach
  • review and renew CBV strategy.

Outcomes focus on improving

heart with heart beat

Health outcomes that matter to patients

Services define, implement and measure outcomes that matter to patients. This contributes to the delivery of high quality, timely and safe patient care.

hands holding heart

Experience of receiving care

Patient experience is improved by service delivery which is accessible, high‑quality, appropriate, timely and safe.

two health staff

Experience of providing care

Clinician engagement in CBV is strengthened to optimise the experience of providing care. This contributes to improved patient outcomes.

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Effectiveness and efficiency of care

Drawing on evidence-based data, service managers and clinicians are equipped to use CBV to empower innovation and improve services.

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