Dr Lenert Bruce: It's a collaboration between us and patients, and patients must take responsibility, but also be empowered to participate in their own health.

Matthew Williams: It's instilling that confidence, setting them up with a program. By the end of the program, we're hoping they're meeting their goals which is an overseas trip, playing with the grandkids, or whatever it is that's really important to them.

Josephine Unsworth: Until you've lost confidence in something you take for granted, like walking, you don't know how inhibitive that can be. And now I don't need walking sticks. I am confident that my legs are doing the work.

Dr Nigel Lyons: We want to see our patients receive the best experience from the care we deliver. We want our clinicians to feel like the experience they have in delivering care is as good as it can be for them.

Dr Peter Choi: It allows clinicians to work in a way that is so patient focused that it provides greater satisfaction at work and a real sense that we're making a difference.

Matthew Williams: It's not about numbers anymore, I think we're really starting to recognize it's about better quality care and should involve a number of different health professionals working closely together, communicating, with the patient at the centre of that care. 

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