May 2021 edition

The Lumos program links data from participating general practices to other settings and health information sources in NSW including hospital, cancer and cause of death data. This uncovers new insights to guide improvements in health service effectiveness and patient outcomes, supporting the move towards value based healthcare.

​​​The Lumos program is the largest collaboration ever undertaken between the Ministry of Health, NSW primary health networks (PHNs) and NSW general practices, with over 415 practices currently enrolled across all regions.

Underpinning value based healthcare

Data from the Lumos program can underpin value based healthcare at a statewide level through informing policy and initiatives such as: 

  • NSW Collaborative Commissioning program – Lumos data is used in dynamic modelling and for monitoring and evaluation, to ensure that value based healthcare initiatives are informed by reliable data and improve outcomes for patients and the community.
  • Integrated Care initiatives – Lumos allows us to measure the outcomes of integrated care interventions system‑wide providing an evidence base for continuous improvement.
Lumos data is also used by participating practices in local quality improvement activities. Some general practices are using the data to: 
  • improve triage processes and reduce unnecessary presentations to the emergency department
  • increase screening for chronic diseases
  • adjust their opening hours and services to match the needs of their patients.

Accessing Lumos data

The Secure Analytics Primary Health Environment (SAPHE) is a custom‑built platform to allow relevant organisations to access this unique data asset. SAPHE users can use data from their local region to guide the planning, funding, management or evaluation of health services. Experienced data analytics staff from organisations such as the Ministry of Health, Pillars, Local Health Districts and PHNs can apply for access by contacting us.

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