May 2021 edition : Leading Better Value Care

The Agency for Clinical Innovation is conducting a formative evaluation and revising the economic appraisal of the Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) Bronchiolitis initiative. This is due for completion in June 2021.

​​​The evaluation aims to understand to what extent the initiative has been implemented so far across NSW to inform next steps.

The evaluation is a mixed methods evaluation and includes analysis of data from the following sources: statewide routine administrative data, patient (carer) experience surveys, online implementation review tool, in depth interviews and acute review clinic economic case studies.

The evaluation and revised economic appraisal includes analysis and reporting on: 

  • emergency, admitted and non‑admitted service use
  • implementation activities in both the emergency and paediatric ward settings
  • facilitators and barriers to implementation so far
  • the patient (carer) experience
  • acute review clinic case studies, inclusive of patient pathways at the case study sites
  • the role of hospital in the home and short stay units
  • an assessment of available diagnostic test data.

Scoping for LBVC future evaluations

The Agency for Clinical Innovation has been working with the Ministry of Health to scope the following evaluations on LBVC initiatives:

  • formative evaluation of Rena Supportive Care and Hip Fracture Care
  • impact evaluation of: 
    • Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Program
    • High Risk Foot Services
    • Inpatient Management of Diabetes Mellitus
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    • Cardiac Heart Failure.

This scoping work provides guidance on these future evaluations including: 

  • identifying existing and primary data sources
  • evaluation design
  • methods
  • measures
  • considerations for timing.
Current as at: Monday 18 October 2021
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