​​October 2021 edition : Integrated Care

In 2019, David was linked into the Integrated Care (IC) program in Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD). He has built good relationships with his Integrated Care Coordinator over this time.

Following an admission to hospital in 2020, David consented to be enrolled in the WNSWLHD Remote in‑Home Monitoring Service.

David is in his 60s and is married with two children. He has a mild intellectual disability as a result of a traumatic event in his past and his wife is now his carer. David finds it very difficult to trust people. He has lost much of his independence and still battles with the deep emotional and mental scars from which he has never recovered. David also has multiple chronic conditions requiring ongoing monitoring.

David’s care team provided him with a Remote Monitoring Package which included a tablet and equipment to measure his:

  • blood pressure
  • heart rate
  • oxygen saturation (SaO2)
  • Blood Glucose Level (BGL).

David takes his measurements twice a day. His data is automatically transferred to a dashboard that his Integrated Care Coordinator can view.

David’s care team ask David to answer questions about his symptoms and wellbeing via his tablet. The tablet also helps David and his nurse to videoconference each other from different locations. It also enables telehealth consultations with his general practitioner (GP).

When David goes to his appointments with his GP or Specialists, he takes his tablet with him to show his results and readings. This has improved collaboration between his GP, specialists and carer and is used to better inform decisions about his care.

Remote monitoring has provided David and his wife with the reassurance that someone else is looking out for him. It has also helped David and his family to understand more about his symptoms. David feels more in control and independent and plays an active role in managing his own health. David’s wife has also noted a reduction in her carer stress as a result of virtual care.

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