About GMIP

The Grants Management Improvement Program (GMIP) was initiated to look at ways to improve the administration of funding, including grants, to the NGO sector.

Expected outcomes of the GMIP included: quality and cost effective health services are delivered by NGOs; greater transparency in funding and resource allocation decisions is achieved by introducing contestability; and that the funding process is streamlined and consistent while retaining a level of flexibility to support innovation.  These improvements were considered essential to ensure NSW Health achieves not only the best value for money from the NGOs it funds, but also that those NGOs deliver the best possible outcomes for the people of NSW.

The GMIP Taskforce &​ Report

The Grants Management Improvement Program (GMIP) Taskforce was established in August 2012 to consult with the NGO sector around how the expected outcomes of the GMIP could be achieved, and to review the available evidence on best practice in funding systems and processes involving NGOs.

In November 2012, the Taskforce submitted the Grants Management Improvement Program (GMIP) Taskforce Report containing 43 recommendations.  Many of the recommendations echoed the changes proposed by both the earlier NSW Health NGO Program Review Recommendations Report and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Report Funding NGO Delivery of Human Services In NSW: A Period Of Transition.

GMIP taskforce report

The NSW Health Response to the GMIP Taskforce Report

The NSW Health Partnerships for Health: A response to the GMIP Taskforce Report outlines a new approach to partnering with providers of health and health related services.

For further information about the new partnership approach, see the Working with NGOs and other partners page of this website.​​​​

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