Announcement of twelve month NGO training and education program

From May 2016, NSW Health, in partnership with consulting firm QinetiQ Australia, will deliver up to forty face to face training workshops across the State to non-government organisations (NGOs) who currently receive NSW Health grant funding.

The NGO training and education workshops are being rolled out across metropolitan, regional and rural areas as part of NSW Health’s Partnerships for Health program.

The training and education is an opportunity for NSW Health funded NGOs to build organisational capacity and business skills so that they can continue to effectively partner with government and other funding bodies to deliver vital services and supports to the community.

The workshops will support and enhance the capabilities of NGOs receiving NSW Health grants so that they can smoothly transition to a system where funding is provided through new arrangements including, for some programs, a tender process. This training is very timely as other government funding bodies move more and more to offering new funding opportunities through a procurement process.

Given these changes that are occurring for the NGO sector, it is important that Boards and Management Committees, in addition to staff, have an awareness of purchasing approaches. A component of the training will therefore be tailored specifically to reach this target group and with the time constraints upon Board members in mind.

The areas of focus in the training and education program are based on sector surveys and consultation which identified needs and opportunities for further capability. NGOs in particular highlighted demystifying tender processes as a key area of training needs. The program will therefore include:

  • up to forty face to face one day training workshops covering NSW Government procurement processes, tender evaluation, and managing and writing tenders, to build organisational skills in preparing for purchasing based funding arrangements.
  • at least two training workshops held in each Local Health District across NSW.
  • an online learning portal providing a hub for all training materials and a booking tool for NSW Health NGO providers to register for face to face training and online support.
  • a self-assessment tool for NGOs to identify their capabilities and needs prior to training.
  • a communications and promotion campaign to invite targeted NGOs to register for the training workshops, understand the benefits of participating, and be aware of support tools available outside of the training.

Following a competitive process, QinetiQ was selected as the successful provider who will manage and deliver the training and education program in conjunction with NSW Health. QinetiQ will lead a consortium comprising Mainline Solutions, Lange Consulting & Software, Red Team, Simcon Services and TP3 to deliver the program. The consortium has a depth of experience in project management and procurement, and demonstrated capacity to translate expertise to the human services sector.

QinetiQ will shortly commence an e-marketing campaign to promote to NGOs the benefits of the training and education available both face to face and online, as well as provide instructions on how to register for the workshops.

For further information about the training and education program please contact QinetiQ on phone: (02) 6200 2610 or email:

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